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Cast & Crew

Nic Romano
Director & Screenwriter
Independent filmmaker, farmer, fiction writer based in Southern California.
Natalie Forteza
Song Writer and Singer
Songstress, performer, writer based on East Coast.
Ryan C. King
Plays Will, the main character who returns to Dana Point to start a new life.
Ana Lopes
Plays Cara, Stillwater's lounge singer. Also Will's high school sweetheart.
Kate Prendergast
Plays Det. Sarah Locke, straight shooter cop with an English accent.
John Henry Richardson
Plays Mickie Nolan, owner of luxury yacht in DP harbor.
Kevin Wright Carney
Plays retired Detective Roseto who worked on the DP harbor murder sixteen years earlier.
Matthew Rhodes
Plays younger Detective Roseto who investigates the first Dana Point Harbor murder sixteen years ago.
Cam Clerx
Plays Detective "Dutch" Martinez, sidekick to younger Detective Roseto.
David Golbeck
Plays the Watchman, the secret godfather of Dana Point and descendant of Richard Henry Dana.
Gerald Brown
Plays the Bodyguard and a Nigerian lord of the rings with secret powers.
Christine Kennedy
Plays part-time Hollywood actress/girlfriend of Mickie Nolan
Arni Rodriguez
Actor, Director of Photography
Plays Angel, a local cartel leader with an axe to grind.
Lynne Door
Production Designer
Nothing gets past her Italian artisan persona. Master of all things creative.
Dave Meyer
Executive Producer
Our Attorney General. Keeps the gears running smoothly. Signs autographs.
Plays dirty detective Derek Devlin.
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